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Service-Oriented Architecture


With Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Lockheed Martin integrates an agile, adaptable business framework that delivers disciplined performance and measurable outcomes. Our solutions are founded on extensive customer domain knowledge, vendor-neutral integration, and proven architectural approaches.

We have successfully transitioned legacy businesses into efficient and effective SOA enterprises by aligning technologies with business needs. Our customers have come to realize tangible and quantifiable benefits free from proprietary limitations and optimized for agility, effectiveness, and evolutionary growth.

Whole Systems Thinking

By applying whole systems thinking to enterprise business and IT strategies, Lockheed Martin's proven architectural and engineering approaches combined with business processes discipline give customers a whole new way to collaborate and share information.  

Innovative collaboration is derived from a passion for invention. Lockheed Martin has an established SOA Competency Center, SOA Initiative, and Community of Practice. While focusing on the strength of customer domain knowledge and lessons learned, we also engage in external collaboration forums to optimize knowledge and drive innovation.




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