Lockheed Martin Corporation and Kaman Aerospace Corporation have successfully transformed Kaman’s proven K-MAX® power lift helicopter into an unmanned aerial system (UAS) capable of autonomous or remote controlled operations.



Mission Environments

Whether the unmanned K-MAX is fighting fires, delivering supplies to the U.S. military, or supporting humanitarian aid efforts, it provides unmatched lift capability in extreme conditions. From the mountainous Alps to the Persian Gulf, the rugged system can lift and deliver a full 6,000 lbs. of cargo at sea level and more than 4,000 lbs. at a 15,000 ft. density altitude.

The unmanned K-MAX brought transformational technology to a fast-moving battlefield that enabled Marines to deliver supplies day and night to precise locations without risk of losing life in the process. The aircraft can fly at higher altitudes with a larger payload than any other rotary wing UAS. With its four hook carousel, the unmanned K-MAX can also deliver more cargo to more locations in a single flight.
The unmanned K-MAX is capable of aerial fire suppression 24/7, and offers hotspot detection. K-MAX maintains its capabilities in hot temperatures, delivering a measurable performance advantage for operators. Even when conditions limit visibility for pilots, the K-MAX UAS can provide automated water pick-up, delivery, and line-building.
                Oil & Gas
In austere environments without roads or infrastructure, the unmanned K-MAX carries out drilling operations while minimizing the environmental impact of ground infrastructure and fracking footprint. Because of its high performance and low maintenance requirements, the unmanned K-MAX increases operators’ productivity and safety.
                    Humanitarian Aid
The unmanned K-MAX delivers rapid aid and relief supplies to unimproved or dangerous locations where infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. When navigable roads are unavailable, K-MAX provides basic infrastructure deliveries. Unmanned K-MAX has also demonstrated it can extract personnel in evacuation scenarios.
To protect and tend to forests, the unmanned K-MAX offers autonomous pipeline and power line tree trimming. It distributes targeted herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer to control invasive species and support forest health. Unmanned K-MAX applies a low noise signature to reduce wildlife and population harassment while conducting its operations.

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Lockheed Martin Autonomous Aircraft Conduct Firefighting, Rescue Mission

Four autonomous vehicles collaborated for a joint firefighting and lifesaving demonstration: the K-MAX helicopter, the Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA), the Desert Hawk 3.1 fixed wing unmanned aircraft, and the Indago quadrotor. 

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Photo Gallery

  • Quick Reaction Assessment

    K-MAX successfully completed a five-day Quick Reaction Assessment conducted by the Navy recently in Arizona to prove its cargo-carrying capability in conditions similar to those it will experience in Afghanistan.
  • Unmanned Cargo Resupply

    K-MAX features Kaman’s proven high-altitude, heavy-lift K-1200 airframe and Lockheed Martin’s mission management and control systems, enabling autonomous flight in remote environments over large distances.
  • Getting Troops Off of the Roads

    “Every time this aircraft delivers a payload, we're taking one more truck off the road" - Cpl. Ryan Venem, Detachment Aerial Vehicle Operator.
  • K-MAX firefighter face to face

  • K-MAX Boise Firefighting Demonstration

  • K-MAX Boise Firefighting Demonstration

  • K-MAX Boise Firefighting Demonstration

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