Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP)


The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) is introducing major improvements to the British Army’s Warrior armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), which was originally produced in 1984. This includes an innovative new turret designed and developed by Lockheed Martin UK (LMUK) in Ampthill, together with upgrades across the platform.

Enhancements include the addition of a fully stabilised 40mm CT40 cannon – enabling significantly greater fire-power and fire-on-the-move capability, as well as an improved sighting system and significantly better situational awareness. The new turret features a modular protection system allowing greater threat protection and a quick change of armour for specific threats. An upgraded environmental control system, and a decluttered, reorganised and increased crewspace, provides significantly greater comfort. 

Up to 380 Warriors (five variants) are included in WCSP, extending life of the vehicles up to the 2040s.

The UK Ministry of Defence awarded the development contract to LMUK in October 2011, with an option for production. 

Current status
Successful fire on the move trials took place in April 2015. Successfully completed critical design review (May 2015) and variant critical design review (Sept 2015), to finalise the design. Live fire trial October 2016 completed successfully, and mobility trial November 2016 completed successfully. LMUK has continued to deliver all contracted milestones on schedule in this important programme for the UK MoD.

The development contract turrets are now built, and undergoing installation onto the upgraded base platforms ready for a comprehensive test phase to demonstrate the very high reliability requirements. The development phase of the contract will culminate in 11 demonstration vehicles across the five variants for reliability growth trials (RGT) later this summer.