Current Vacancies

Thank you for the interest that you have shown in Lockheed Martin UK. If you would like further details on any of our current vacancies or potential requirements, please contact our Managed Services provider: Optamor by email, or telephone 02392 415985.

Please note that the majority of the positions posted require HM Government security clearance, please refer to individual job specifications for requirements. In order to apply for a position requiring security clearance the applicant must meet the Defence Business Services National Security Vetting criteria. Details of the criteria can be found on the MOD website.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please complete this application form and email it along with your CV, to

Notes: * When a CV is submitted to Optamor, it is retained exclusively for Lockheed Martin.

Click here to view the latest vacancies at Amor Group. Amor specialises in information technology solutions for the energy, transport and public services sectors and was acquired by Lockheed Martin in September 2013.

Click here to view the current vacancies at SIM Industries B.V.  SIM Industries B.V is a commercial aviation simulation Company located in the Netherlands.


Reference Job Title Location
LMUKA4384 Assembler Technician Bedford
LMUKA4334 Industrial Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4448 Business Development Analyst Bedford
LMUKA4597 Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4774 International Trade Compliance Manager Bedford
LMUKA4781 Reliability Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4782 Software Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4817 Mechanical Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4846 Supplier QA Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4858 Quality Engineer Bedfrod
LMUKA4860 Supplier Quality Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4865 Production Planning and Control Manager Bedford
LMUKA4881 Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA4919 Welding Technician Bedford
LMUKA4999 Intelligence Analyst Bedford
LMUKA5015 Master Planner/Scheduler Bedford
LMUKA5019 Reliability Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5021 Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5031 System Safety Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5034 Project Management & Planning Operations Representative Bedford
LMUKA5046 Master Planner/Scheduler Bedford
LMUKA5057 Human Factors Design Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5126 Electrical Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5131 Systems Engineer   Bedford
LMUKA5134 Manufacturing Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5136 Manufacturing Engineer Bedford
LMUKA5164 Procurement Representative Bedford
LMUKA5228 Assembler Bedfrod
LMUKA5243 QA Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6474 Security Guard Bedford
LMUKA6493 Special Projects Chief Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6494 Special Projects Chief Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6496 Warrior Lethality Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6500 Systems Engineer/ Special Projects Lead Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6457 Facilities Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6469 Assembler Spec Bedford
LMUKA6470 Coded Welding Technician Bedford
LMUKA6495 Warrior Lethality Systems Architect Bedford
LMUKA6496 Warrior Lethality Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6497 Warrior Lethality Systems Integration/Test Engineer Bedford
EBS5088 Software Development Analyst Whiteley
EBS5123 Desktop Support Apprentice Havant/Whiteley
EBS6504 Computer Systems Analyst Havant/Whiteley
EBS6510 Computer Systems Analyst Havant/Whiteley
MST4666 Mechanical Systems Integration Havant
MST4767 Business Systems Analyst / Designer - Subject To Contract
MST4836 ATE Field Support Engineer Cheltenham
MST5013 Business Analyst and Systems Engineering Manager Havant
MST5018 Systems Solutions Software Engineering Associate Manager Havant
MST5040 Software Architect Havant
MST5064 Technical Training Manager (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5065 Air Force Technical Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5066 Air Force Mechanical Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5070 Air Force Electronics Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5071 Head of Training Support (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5072 Courseware Engineer/Designer (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5073 Courseware Engineer/Designer (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5119 Enterprise Solutions Sub-Contract Programme Manager Havant
MST5120 QA Engineering Manager Havant
MST5142 ITIL Service Architect Havant
MST5143 Security Architect Havant
MST5144 Solution Architect Havant
MST5145 Business Architect Havant
MST5169 Business Development Analyst Havant
MST6481 Employee Engagement Manager London
MST6490 Trade Compliance Officer Farnborough
MST6520 UAS Technologist Havant
MST6521 RF Integration Specialist Havant
SS4823 SWS Fire Control Field Engineer Plymouth
SS4966 Software Engineer HMNB Clyde
SS5112 Information Assurance Engineer HMNB Clyde
LMUKF4676 Contracts Negotiator Farnborough
LMUKF4698 Trade Compliance Officer Farnborough
LMUKF4721 Information Assurance Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF5005 Systems Engineer (STC) Farnborough
LMUKF5153 Human Resources Assistant 12 Month FTC  
LMUKF5179 Program Management Manager London
LMUKF6459 Intelligence Analyst Associate Farnborough
LMUKF6465 Industrial Security Representative Farnborough
LMUKF6480 Multi Functional Information Systems Analyst Farnborough
LMUKG4528 User Experience Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4760 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4759 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4761 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4762 User Experience Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4763 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4828 Project Engineer – Service Delivery Manager Gloucester
LMUKG4864 Systems Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4870 Project Engineer Senior (Cyber) Gloucester
LMUKG4871 Project Engineer Principal (Cyber) Gloucester
LMUKG4874 Test Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG5009 Information Assurance Practitioner Gloucester
LMUKG5159 Systems Engineer Gloucester
SSS4891 Project Engineer Principal Gloucester
SSS4893 Project Engineer Principal Gloucester
CIV4718 Subcontract Administrator Whiteley

Internal Communications & Community Relations Co-Ordinator

CIV4930 Contracts Negotiator London
CIV4957 Configuration Analyst London
CIV4971 Systems Engineer - S/W Integration Developer London
CIV4976 System Integration/Test Engineer (STC) London
CIV5052 Business Development Analyst Principal UK/Brussells
CIV5069 Subcontract Administrator London
CIV5076 Subcontract Administrator Whiteley
CIV5077 Subcontract Administrator Whiteley
CIV5107 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5109 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5125 Multi Functional Finance Analyst Whiteley
CIV5154 Software Engineer London
CIV5206 Software Engineer London
CIV5207 Software Engineer London
CIV5208 Software Engineer London
CIV5209 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5218 Master Planner/Scheduler Whiteley
CIV5229 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5230 Network Engineer London
CIV5231 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5232 Solution Architect London
CIV5234 Computer Systems Architect London
CIV5235 Configuration Analyst London
CIV5237 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5238 Systems Integration Analyst London
CIV5247 Business Development Analysis Manager Farnborough
CIV5248 Business Development Analysis Senior Manager Farnborough

Program Management Manager

CIV6460 Multi Functional Information Systems Analyst London
CIV6466   Computer Systems Analyst Havant/Whiteley
CIV6471 QA Engineer Whiteley
CIV6479 Configuration Analyst (STC)
CIV6482 Information Security Engineer (Security Design & Assurance) London
CIV6483 Information Security Engineer (Vulnerability & Incident Management) London
CIV6484 Chief Architect London
CIV6526 Integration & Test / Acceptance Lead STC Whiteley
CIV6527 System Safety Engineer STC Whiteley
CIV6528 Engineering Project Manager STC Whiteley
CIV6529 Surveillance Systems Engineer STC Whiteley